Due to short supply, it may take us longer to fulfil your order. We appreciate your understanding.

Welcome to Red Feather Eggs, a free-range egg delivery service to Invercargill.

Our eggs are great quality, laid by happy chickens who enjoy living free-range on my family’s dairy farm near Invercargill.


Fabulous Eggs - recommend highly and to have delivered each week - presentation is 100% - great job guys - look forward to Tuesdays πŸ₯š πŸ₯“ 🍳 πŸ₯š πŸ₯“ 🍳 😍😍 

- Jeni Ritchie

Red Feather Eggs supplies eggs in size 5, 6, 7 and 8 -graded for the keen bakers!

If baking isn’t really your thing, these eggs are also perfect for a beautiful eggs benedict on a weekend, pancakes for the kids or an omelette for tea.

With delightful golden yolks, these balls of deliciousness not only make for a nutritious and satisfying meal, but a very beautiful one too.

Delivery service

I deliver to any address in Invercargill every Tuesday and Friday - for free.

Locally grown

My chickens live on my family's dairy farm in Invercargill.

Free range

Laid by happy chickens who enjoy living free-range.